Outstanding Facilities

Library  :   The Library is unrivalled with numerous books for student reference and good reading. The library also has Digital content for students of all classes. The students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important centre for learning.

Laboratories : Large fully equipped laboratories are there to encourage the students to practically explore what they have learnt theoretically  and inculcate in them the scientific temper of experimentation and validation.

Smart Class :  Every classroom is equipped with Smart Class facilities which offers the rich content repository of over 30,000 highly animated knowledgeable lessons.

 Artistically designed, pedagogically aligned audio visual modules based on universal concepts synchronised to the curriculum which helps students for optimum utilization of the brain.

Play Grounds : The School has separate Indoor Sports Complex and Outdoor Fields, because we believe that “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”

And physical exercise is a very essential part in the proper growth of every child.

Medical Facilities and First Aid : The School has a first aid facility of its own. Regular medical check-ups for the entire school is done routinely.

Reports of any medical examination will be sent to the parents of students who require special treatment.

 The school will have tie-ups with all Specialists who will be made available if it is required.

Art & Craft Room :  To enhance the creativity of each child and to bring out his/her inner talents is of utmost importance to the school.

The school has a fully equipped Art & Craft room which also has facilities such as, a clay workshop, a painting room, wood and carpentry workshop and pottery making etc.

Transportation Facilities : The school has bus facility that covers an enormous area of the district. Specially designed buses for the safety & comfort of the students are used.

The students are picked and dropped by the escorts. The routes are planned in such a way that the travel time of the children is minimised.

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