Dear Parent

May we take this opportunity to acquaint you with some routine schedules and procedures of DPS, Chandanagar. This mailer shall answer all the questions you may have about the processes at DPS. School Parent Information Handbook shall also be shared with you shortly. The school website is getting designed and shall be ready in a day or two. We shall provide you with the link for the same shortly. Please understand that it is still work in progress and shall take the month of April to get all the processes established and published in the website. Meanwhile if any information is needed, please feel welcome to call the office at 040-40172727. Our school office hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

DPS, Chandanagar Management contact details for your quick reference

Aruna Sattarapu, Principal – 9849323747
Ch. Sailaja – Academic Head – 9440059847
Sonia Bhatla – Center Head – 9010280299

As we endeavor to provide you the best, we will need your support to provide you and your child a wonderful experience. Given below are a set of instructions that will help you traverse this course.


The settling in process can often be very traumatic for both, parent and child. The child is confused with the new surroundings, new routines and profusion of playmates. It is difficult to accept new caregivers after previous close contact with loving parents and grandparents. However, children are very adaptable and although it may take from one week to over a month for them to accept this change in their life, it is rare to find a child who does not “settle in”.


Play Group, Nursery, PP1 and PP2 children are expected to wear uniform on Mondays, Thursdays and for all excursions. PP-I & PP-II children are expected to wear uniform on all school days except Friday. Grade I and above shall wear uniform on all days from Monday to Thursday. Friday, they shall be attired in sports uniform.


We welcome items of special interest for discussion but discourage bringing toys from home. They can cause fights, may break and can prove to be unsafe.


Meal times are seen as valuable social learning experiences, and are therefore, given an important place in the school. We request parents to give special thought when preparing snacks so they are nutritious as well as delicious. Please let us know if your child is sensitive to a particular food since cooking sessions are conducted regularly in school.

When leaving your child each day, please

  • Notify a staff member of your child’s arrival & departure from school. Please do not allow the child to enter the school without supervision.
  • Read the notice board for current information about meetings and activities.
  • Please inform the staff if your contact number for the day is different from the number on the admission form.
  • Please keep us informed about your home staff particularly if a “Maid” or “Driver” has discontinued their services with you.

When collecting your child each day:

  • Please ensure the child is carrying the Identification Collection Card.
  • It is your duty to take care that the card is not lost.


All bank holidays are school holidays unless otherwise declared.
Certain bank working days may be declared as school holidays for one of the following reasons:
1. Teacher’s Day: A Holiday allotted to the teaching staff.
2. Assessment Days: Teaching and Administrative staff will be present. Parents are expected to attend at the time allocated to them on the circular in order to view their child’s file and discuss any matter pertaining to their child’s progress.


Please do not send sick children to school due to the high risk of cross-infection. The staff may not have time to give the extra care required, and it is unfair to staff and the other children if the illness is infectious. If your child becomes ill when he / she is with us, you will be informed and it may be necessary for her/him to be taken home.


DPS does not wish to cause inconvenience to neighbours.
Cars are not to be brought into the school compound. Please ensure that the main gates of the school and the neighbouring buildings are not blocked. Cars that block gates in the lane are liable to be towed away. Any driver violating the above rules will be BANNED from doing school service, so please ensure your drivers understand the gravity of the situation.


DPS prides itself in not selecting children on the basis of their parents’ religious background. We strongly believe that all religions have the same values as their foundation stone and India’s cultural diversity must be nurtured by all. We celebrate all religions and festivals.


All the children of DPS Chandanagar take part in an Annual Stage Show. This is an important part of their development and helps in confidence building. The charge for this shall be additional and would be applicable for children who may need special dresses to be procured or rented, makeup etc.


Keeping the privacy of the parents we do not distribute the names and telephone numbers of the children in the school.


The first month will be spent in “Settling in” the children especially kindergarten. Please co-operate with us when we settle your child and DO NOT be tempted to “peek” into the windows of the classroom. There may be some disturbances in the transport timings due to additional children joining in. Kindly co-operate with us for the first month on this.


When parents and school staff work together, children experience a feeling of continuity. Parents know what is going on in school and can reinforce schoolwork at home.
We will send ‘Information for Parents’ home so you know what is currently happening at school. It is important to attend the Parent Teacher Meet held in school.


Most people in the educational field agree that children under 3 have a genius capacity for mental absorption. The child’s brain is most alive in the pre-school years.
No matter how you regard the school, you must realise that parents have the greatest influence in their child’s life. No one knows and cares for your child as well as you do. The school will be a natural extension of your home and will help in establishing a balance.
Parents are often bemused by the different teaching methods offered by teachers and sometimes prefer not to “interfere”. But you are the most important teacher and therefore need to offer a complementary role, acting in partnership with us to support our child.
The foundation of language is laid at home and not in school. You have taught your child the value of speech, the art of conversation and listening. You have shared with your child the fun of reading a good story and experiencing ideas through books. (We hope!!)
Several months of talking to your small baby has provided him/her with a window to the outside world and will reap great rewards later. Research links the early stimulus of nursery rhymes and song to later ability in reading.
Play lots of games with your child. Listening games “Fetch Me” type instruction games and passing on messages games. Make the games more complex as the child masters the simple one instruction skill.
Television if regulated & supervised can promote language experience. Cartoons are not advisable. Not more than 30 minutes a day should be spent in television viewing. Enjoy the programme together and comment on the programme making it an active rather than a passive experience.


Once your child begins Play school, there will be far greater demand placed on his/ her vocal language skills. Reading is a highly complex process containing a range of different sub skills, which your child must master before he/she can read independently.
School reading schemes tend to be extremely dull so it will be your enthusiasm and cosy reading session at home that will develop a thirst for books. It will take a lot of effort to get your child to be addicted to books but it will be well worth the effort in the long run.
The visual appeal of books is of vital importance. It is through pictures that your child first learns the communicative function of books. He / She will soon be able to tell his favourite tales through intelligent interpretation of these pictures. Apart from this, it is the pictures, which grab his attention and make him want to open the book in the first place.
The child’s first books should have bold, clear pictures without too much detail and probably with very little text. You will then be able to point out familiar objects or situations and communicate through the books with your child. Look for bold clarity and solid quality. As your child’s concentration and general maturity develops this should be reflected in the type of books you read together. The text should get longer, with a broader vocabulary and more descriptive language.
The picture should be more involving, perhaps offering different levels of interpretation. Try to offer a good diet of artistic styles which use rhymes, songs, and sounds that are of additional interest to the child (such as lift the flap or pop ups). First your child will discover that books have a right way up, that you turn the pages from front to back to follow the story, and that you read from left to right and top to bottom. Finally your child will discover that not only the pictures but also the “squiggles” tell a story.
Talking about the pictures help establish prediction skills. Guessing and “cheating” by looking at the pictures are indications of a later proficient reader.


Make sure your play incorporates concepts, as well as numbers, letters, shapes and colours in a matter of fact way. Don’t try to “teach” him these concepts, just incorporate them into his/her daily life.


  • Parents are required to inform the school of any change in address or telephone nos.
  • The school will remain closed on scheduled holidays that will be shared with you. Day care shall be kept open when school is closed as well other than Sundays and indicated holidays.
  • Your child is expected to reach the school on time. We reserve the right to send your child home if the child is late.
  • It is compulsory for the child to wear only sandals. (blue/black/brown or any neutral colour).Please do not send your child in shoes with laces/chappals/or flip-flops.
  • Please ensure that the person who collects your child from the school carries school identity at all times.
  • Please keep your child’s circular handy and check it every day for the day’s events. The circular should also be checked for activities. Most activities shall be self-explanatory. If you need any additional information, please contact the class teacher.
  • Please read the circulars which are sent home. If a maid is fetching your child, make sure she is responsible and hands over the school correspondence to you.
  • Library book shall be issued every Friday. Please enjoy it with your child and encourage him / her to read it. Practicing reading is very critical for development of the child.
  • It is compulsory for your child to wear the school uniform on Mondays and Thursdays and on ALL school excursions if he/she is enrolled in the playgroup and on all school days except Friday if he/ she is enrolled in PP1 or PP2.
  • No videography is permitted when the class is in progress.
  • Parents or any other person is not permitted to remain in the school after the settling period.
  • Please do not tip the staff at school and inform us if any requests are made for the same.

For Birthday celebrations, you may send a cake to the school. No return gifts (however small) will be allowed. No candy or chocolates ether will be allowed. Sending a Plant or the child’s favourite Book for the Library with the inscription of child’s name and date would be appreciated.


We would like to provide healthy eating habits and we seek your cooperation. Please send snacks that are home-made and vegetarian. Do keep the circular handy to keep a track of the ingredients that you may need to avoid.

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