Pre Primary

Pre-Primary Section

For every child that enters school for the very first time, leaving behind the warmth and safety of their home and parents, it is that child’s right to be given the same sense of security at school. Recognizing this obligation, we have designed our pre-primary wing with special focus on the needs of very young children. Every child is valued as an individual, and given the chance to develop in his/her own special way, along with a strong and solid foundation in academics which can be built upon effectively at higher levels.

Learning as an ongoing, wholesome process will be evaluated in a continuous and comprehensive manner. The Comprehensive Assessment process, at this stage, will focus on the daily, consistent progress made by the child in academic as well as co-curricular activities.

The Assessment procedure will be based on the child’s daily interaction in the class, his/her levels of general awareness, the quality of work produced by him/her, internalization of the concepts taught during classroom interaction and the consequent learning outcomes throughout the year.

The Progress Profile of the students will be sent thrice in a year. Certificates are awarded to the students for meritorious performance in various areas of achievement.

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