Correspondent's Message

We believe that everything that happens in the school will have a profound impact children’s learning. The physical environment, our values, attitudes, ideas about how children learn, nurturing relationships and resources provided will profoundly impress the life chances of our children. We want DPS Chandanagar to be a community in which students and the school staff respect and trust each other, and most of all challenge themselves all the time with new frontiers.

We place learning at the centre of our school and understand that we learn best when we are motivated and challenged. We therefore will provide a stimulating, exciting environment where everyone feels valued and safe, ideas can flourish and students can realize their full potential. We believe that learning should come naturally.

Students at DPS, Chandanagar will be challenged, motivated, given time to think and reflect on their learning through our values which will be the foundation of everything we do – Creativity, Spirituality, Independence, Collaboration and Emotional intelligence,

We learn through experience and hence believe in the old adage “the more I do, the more I learn”. We want our student’s time in our school to be memorable, build on what they know and can do, and help them become lifelong learners. At DPS we specialize in laying foundation for Life.

Aruna Sattarapu
(Secretary & Correspondent)

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