Mission and Vision

The School will be the well spring of collaborative learning adopting information technology tools through individual and collective activity.The endeavour is to inculcate values so that the rich heritage of our culture is secure in the hands of the new generation and promote harmony and spirit of unity.

The ideology is to strive for wellness in society through its students by the practice of yoga and healthy dietary habits, all of this in full transparency and involvement of all the stake holders in keeping with our motto ‘service before self’.

What we do

CONTRIBUTION  : Contribution from all members of the school community will be valued and Recognised. Everyone will contribute to the growth and wellbeing of every.

CHALLENGE  : We aim to promote the essence of a healthy challenge through high expectations of learning and behaviour.

CREATIVITY :  Creativity is a strong focus ensuring that school is fun! The school will be a bright attractive, stimulating place to learn.

COMMUNITY :  We value parents and governors as our partners in education and will involve them, and the wider community, in the life of the school.

CARING :  Children will be happy and secure and their achievements will be celebrated and valued by all.

CONSISTENCY :  The school will grow and stretch its boundaries but we will remain true to our  vision.

COMMUNICATION  : We realize the importance of efficient & effective communication. Everyone must feel that he/she has opportunities for consultation and to be kept informed.