"Training not teaching"

Flip Teaching @DPSS gives students a chance to apply ideas rather than absorbing them

At DPSS teachers are committed to providing challenging, dynamic, relevant training based on curriculum, which produces responsible, resilient, independent critical thinkers, Focus is on workshop, projects, Do-it-yourself lesson plans

At DPSS teachers are committed to providing challenging, dynamic, relevant training based on curriculum, which produces responsible, resilient, independent critical thinkers. Focus is on workshops, projects, Do-it-Yourself lesson plans. 

Advanced and accelerated programs

In Mathematics, Science, English, Dance, and Physical Education. 

Mentoring of individual students 

Who are academically gifted and posses high intellectual potential.

A strong house system 

which recognises academic achievement, sport, extra curricular activities and community service.

Gamified blended learning  

Flip teaching /Design thinking /Tech integrated simulations / Research based data driven case studies.

Real world connections

Self-directed learning /Developing critical thinking skills/ Demonstrate understanding / write persuasively /Collaborative work.  

an inclusive environment.

the all-in-one DPSS campus is filled with 30+ activities apart from acedemics

Delivery of the curriculum

by means of a problem-solving framework  supported by both trans-disciplinary and subject -specific approach to learning. Programs include not classroom learning, but excursions, field studies, camps, sports coaching.The well-equipped & modern school building houses :

- Science Temple that features laboratories with Extended Experimental Investigation rooms .

-a State-of-the-art Design Technology Centre

-Music centre dedicated performs rooms, and a recording studio.

-Modern liberary and two computer labs.

-specialist art areas

-Wellbeing Centre 

art/music/leadeship at it's best

School Cinema, Music & Drama

DPSS's auditorium promotes a wide range of Dance, Drama, Music and Digital Multi-Media.Ours courses allow for students to gain a wide range of experiences in assuming leadership roles.

They Include

-Music, Drama

Public Speaking

School Cinema

Stage Management

assistant directorship 

technical aspects

performing art tour

To achieve and sustain a career in the Arts, it is imperative that students are multi-skilled. High cultural achievement too, is an expectation at DPSS

building as learning aid


DPSS buildings are designed to be more child friendly 

DPSS system is committed to provide the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)  to meet the unique and individual needs of students and community life.

Various facilities and resources are integrated with the school building as a part of BALA concepts, kids can learn while they explore the building and its spaces. Each is unique designed for enhancing learning process.

-interactive walls

-live abacus

-writable walls

-3d walls

-ceiling /floor puzzles games

-spaces for students with special learning needs  

fit minds & sounds souls

20+ sport activities 2 annual events 1 cultural event

DPSS understands of the need of healthy living, nutrition, exercise and relaxation , necessity to develop a good posture and physical poise. It provides abundant leisure time activities and those of recreational nature, sportsman, social skills.

Our students are motivated and inspired by  the wide range of opportunities that are available. These include a range of indoor and outdoor facilities, Intra and inter schools exposures and trips. The trainees will be tutored and mentored by committed coaches, who use their knowledge and expertise to help young talent realize their potential. We offer a rigorous and challenging sports program with best-in sports training and facilities.

In addition, offer over 20+ extra curricular clubs that students can attend. practice facilities for

-tennis         -board games

-athletics     -high jump

-indoor gymnastics   -martial arts

-adventure zones       -table tennis

-volley ball                  -skating